Water Works Advisory Committee

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This page was developed to help residents better understand what the Water Works Advisory Committee is, what function it serves and to help make information more easily accessible.  

What is the Water Works Advisory Committee?

The Water Works Advisory Committee (WWAC) is comprised of an odd number of not less than 5 voluntary members, which may not be limited to only Turner Valley residents and the Committee members shall set their own meeting schedule. It will advise Council on Turner Valley’s water works within the municipal jurisdiction and the regulatory framework such as Municipal Government Act, Public Health, Alberta Environment, Energy Resources Conservation Board and Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines which may include:
 Quality of source water
 Quality of treated water
 Delivery systems for water works
 Expansion plans for water works

For more information on the Water Works Advisory Committee and its function please read the Terms of Reference.



February 01, 2011 Agenda

May 26, 2011 Agenda



November 29, 2010 Minutes

February 01, 2011 Minutes

May 26, 2011 Minutes


Open House

On July 28, 2011 the Water Works Advisory Committee held an Open House and the following information was presented. 

Open House Slide Show Presentation

Calculated Fixed Radius

Horizontal Groundwater Flow

Modifications to Monitoring Program

Potential Sources of Contamination

Program Results Summary

Request of Time Extension

Reservoir Cross-Section

Selenium Trending Charts

Water Levels in Monitoring Wells

Water Table & Bedrock Contours

Water Treatment – Site Plan

All reports are kept on file at the Sheep River Library and the Turner Valley Municipal Office for public viewing during regular business hours.