Meet Town Council

Your 2013 – 2017 Turner Valley Council

Mayor Kelly Tuck








Councillor Barry Crane

Barry Crane 2








Councillor Dona Fluter

During my  fourth term serving our Community I will continue supporting direction that engages forward thinking while respecting a financially well balanced approach by setting sustainable goals, and initiating plan that reflect the future goals and vision for Turner Valley. I encourage our residents to stay informed through reliable resources and embrace opportunities for public participation.





Councillor Lane Park









Councillor Gerald Pfeil

Our vision for Turner Valley must, to be realistic, be preceded by the development of a solid foundation. This foundation needs to rest on the pillars of fiscal responsibility, aesthetic configuration, professional endeavour and employee / resident commitment. As “your voice in council” I urge you to become involved in laying that foundation and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to represent you. Council is building a team and we invite you to join us on that team to celebrate our past, present and future.



Councillor Sandra Rishaug








Councillor Barry Williamson


A thank-you to those residents that came out to vote and for electing me to another term.

The long term interests and the greater interests of the Town will be represented in my decision making and consideration on Council. This will include the regional interests and the cooperation with our municipal neighbours to form reliable and value driven partnerships for the long term.