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Assessments and Property Taxes


2014 Tax Information

 2014 Property Assessment Letter

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2013 Assessment Roll for 2014 Town of Turner Valley Taxes



2013 Tax Levy Notice of Mailing

2013 Tax Dollar Breakout and Budget Information

2013 Assessment Roll

Property Tax Information


2012 Tax Dollar Breakout Chart

2012 Foothills Foundation Information

2012 Education Property Tax Facts and Information

Frequently Asked Assessment Questions


Formula to calculate your property tax amount:
Assessment value (approximate market value +-)
multiply by the Tax Rate (set by Council)
divide by 1000
= your Property Taxes


Important – Please note:

You CAN appeal your Assessment ONLY during the appeal period set by Council/Town Administration.

You CAN NOT appeal the Tax Rate set by Council, your Property Tax Levy or services either supplied by the town or province.