Alberta Heritage Digitization Project – Municipal Bylaws

Turner Valley has participated in the Alberta Heritage Digitization Project where by all of our bylaws up to the year 2010 have been scanned and catalogued digitally. View the Town of Turner Valley’s bylaws or many other interesting historical facts on

Commonly Requested Bylaws

Bylaw 14-1037 Fire Protection Services

Bylaw 14-1036 Water Use and Conservation

Bylaw 14-1035 Backyard Hens amend 14-1027 Animal Control

Bylaw 13-1027 Animal Control

Imposition of Tax Penalties Bylaw

Authorization of Rates of Taxation for 2014 Bylaw

Community Standards Bylaw

Dangerous Goods Bylaw

Fire Bylaw

Noise & Nuisance Bylaw

Property Responsibility Bylaw

Traffic Bylaw

Truck Route Bylaw

Waste Management Bylaw

Water & Sewer Bylaw

Please click on a Bylaw below to view it in PDF:


Bylaw 03-869   Current Consolidated Land Use Bylaw

Bylaw 10-985   Amendment to Land Use Bylaw 03-869 (328 John Street)

Bylaw 10-986   Taxation Levy

Bylaw 10-987   Foothills Cemetery Board

Bylaw 10-988   Assessment Review Board

Bylaw 10-989   Amendment to Land Use Bylaw 03-869 (203 Windsor Ave)

Bylaw 10-990   Disposing of Portions of a Public Highway

Bylaw 10-991   Taxation Penalties

Bylaw 10-992   Library Debenture

Bylaw 10-993   Dr. Lander Memorial Swimming Pool Debenture

Bylaw 10-994   Town Shop Debenture

Bylaw 10-995   Operating Agreement for Jointly Owned Garbage Truck

Bylaw 10-996   Calkins Place Area Redevelopment Plan

Bylaw 10-997   Correction to Bylaws 10-992, 10-993, 10-994

Bylaw 10-998   Amendment to Land Use Bylaw 03-869 (Plan 031 2990)

Bylaw 10-1001  Amendment Traffic Bylaw 08-939

Bylaw 10-1002  Amendment to Land Use Bylaw 03-869

Bylaw 10-1003  CAO Bylaw

Bylaw 11-1004  Council Procedures Bylaw

Bylaw 11-1005  Tax Penalties Bylaw

Bylaw 11-1006  Cemetery Management Bylaw

Bylaw 11-1007  Taxation Levy

Bylaw 11-1008 Local Improvement Levy – 2011 Royal Avenue

Bylaw 11-1009 Local Improvement Levy – 2011 Robert Street

Bylaw 11-1011 Amendment to Bylaw 03-869 (modifying the “Studio Suite” regulations)

Bylaw 11-1014 Director of Public Works and Engineering Bylaw

Bylaw 11-1015 Off-Highway Vehicles Bylaw

Bylaw 12-1016 Property Responsibility Bylaw

Bylaw 12-1017 Amendment to Bylaw 03-869 (Land Use Bylaw)

Bylaw 12-1018 Municipal Emergency Management Bylaw

Bylaw 12-1019 Amendment to Bylaw 09-975 (Community Standards Bylaw)

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