Public Works

Public Works and Utilities (water):
contact 933-4944 or after hours 369-4966

Please compost your grass clippings do not put them in your garbage.

Please remove your vehicles from cul-de-sacs on Tuesdays, so that the Public Works Department can pick-up and empty your garbage bins.

Thank You.

Public Works Staff
would like to thank everyone for ensuring that the lid is firmly closed on their garbage bins and ready for pick up. To cut back on the amount of waste transported to the Landfill please take your Recycle materials to the local Recycle Centre, located at 106 Royal Ave. E. in Turner Valley (east of  the Fire Hall). Consider starting a compost area on your property, which can eliminate up to 38% of your waste stream. To further reduce the need for the garbage truck to drive to the landfill, consider holding back your bin until the second week. If food scraps are removed from your garbage stream and composted, the problem with odor can be minimized.

Thank you for taking part in helping to reduce the volume that needs to be trucked to the landfill. Following the suggestions above will reduce the amount of trips, saving labour time, fuel, and Greenhouse gas emissions. If your bin is only partially full and you are recycling and composting food scraps, wait until your bin is fuller before taking it to the curb.

To help Public Works ensure that water on the streets flows freely, take a minute to assist by clearing snow away from the catch basins at the curb.


Notice to all residents. Street cleaning will begin May 12, 2014 until May 17, 2014. Please ensure that all vehicles are removed from the streets, so that cleaning can be accomplished quickly and efficiently. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.