Funding allocation is based on an application process. Applications are accepted at any time throughout the year, until October 31 and all projects must be completed prior to December 31 of the same year.


Grants are available for community organizations whose program meet funding criteria for preventive social services. The Turner Valley FCSS Advisory Committee reviews funding application then makes recommendations to Council which approves or denies the application.

Applications are accepted throughout the year until October 31.  Funded projects must be completed prior to December of the same year it was allocated.

Funding Guidelines

A program must:

  • promote, encourage and facilitate voluntarism;


  • be preventive in nature to i) enhance and strengthen family and community live ii) improve the ability of a person iii) provide support that helps sustain people as active participants in the community


  • provide for the development of services of clearly identified social needs and effective planning


  • encourage cooperation and coordination with allied service agencies operating within the municipality


Services provided under a program must not:

  • primarily provide for recreational needs or leisure time pursuits of individuals


  • offer direct financial assistance to sustain an individual or family


  • be primarily rehabilitative in nature, or


  • duplicate services that are ordinarily provided by a government or government agency


Mailing address:

Town of Turner Valley FCSS Box 330Turner Valley, Alberta T0L 2A0

Turner Valley Community Grant Application Instructions

Multi-Community Application Process – one application – five communities

The municipalities of Turner Valley, Black Diamond, High River, Longview, Okotoks and the MD of Foothills have a common application form for FCSS Community Grants. Once you complete the form, it may be used for each community.  Please verify individual application deadlines, as well as any community priorities, where applicable.

Funding Application Information and Forms

Turner Valley FCSS Funding Application Process

1. Is your program eligible for FCSS funding?
Check the eligibility of the proposed project or program by reviewing the FCSS General Funding Guidelines

2. Complete the application form:
Application Form

3. Submit completed application electronically, by fax or by mail to:
Fax: 403.933.5377
Mail or deliver to: Turner Valley Municipal Office 514 Windsor Avenue NW Box 330 Turner Valley, Alberta    T0L 2A0

4.  Application submission deadlines:
Applications are accepted between January 1 and October 31. Funds must be used within the same calendar year as the grant was received.

5.  Application review:
Applications will be submitted to the Turner Valley FCSS Advisory Committee for review.  The Committee usually meets monthly, with the exception of July and August. There may be a request for your organization to make a short presentation to the committee.

6. Funding Decision:
The Advisory Committee makes funding recommendations and forwards them to the Town of Turner Valley Council for final approval or denial of the application.

7.  Notification and payment:
Once approved or denied by Council, notification will be made by email or phone call.  Successful applications will receive payment by mail usually within two weeks of a decision being rendered.