President’s Summit

AUMA President’s Summit

President’s Summit conferences were developed to bring the membership of AUMA together to explore, reflect and discuss local government models and issues. Council representatives from the Town of Turner Valley attended the 2011 AUMA President’s Summit and would like to share the information they have brought back. We hope you enjoy the information compiled below, including videos by Suncor on a range of topics. 

If a name of a speaker below is linked (appears in bright green) you can click on that name to view the notes and/or handouts that were provided. 


Keynote Speaker

Don Thompson
Oil Sands: Canada’s Energy Advantage

Mr. Thompson spoke to the need for energy, energy demands, new capacity required by 2030, Global vs. Canadian Energy mix, overall Canadian Energy System balance and no impact-free energy sources. Data was reviewed for alternate energy sources including coal, hydro, wind, solar, natural gas, biofuel, biomass and nuclear. The NIMBY factor regarding the various energy sources was briefly reviewed. He then went on to speak about the Oil Sands and the significance of them globally as well as the new technologies which have evolved. The economic and employment impacts of oil sands over the past 25 years were included in his presentation.


Energy and the Economy


Ruth Kelly - Alberta Venture
Mel BensonSuncor Engery
Charles Igguldsen – Alberta Construction Association

All three speakers spoke to the future of Fort McMurray and the economic challenges associated with the development of the oil sands including labour shortages, traffic congestion, housing concerns and lagging infrastructure development.

Mr. Benson also gave some positive feedback referring to the community and industry working together to tackle the issues and the importance of the support of volunteers.


Energy and Culture/Society


Mayor Melissa BlakeRegional Municipality of Wood Buffalo
Bill Loutitt - President, Zone 1 Metis Nation of Alberta
Lyle NeisCommunity Relations, Enbridge

Mayor Blake spoke to the many cultures of the Wood Buffalo area including the generations of First Nations and Metis whose welcoming spirits influenced the way the region now embraces newcomers. She then went on to give us some statistical data regarding the area and the economic burdens being face.

Mr. Loutitt, of the Metis Nation presented a power point on the history of the Metis and Aboriginals in the Wood Buffalo area and their past and current involvement in the past fur trade, forestry and oil sands.

Mr. Neis, of Enbridge presented a power point covering everything from the essentials of energy, to global demand, renewable energy and the roles of communities in shaping the energy future.


Energy and Environment 


David ArkellPresident and CEO of 360 Energy
Elizabeth HuculakVP of WADE* Canada
Jesse Row Pembina Institute
*World Alliance for Decentralized Energy

Mr. Arkell spoke to municipal energy management and how change is required to create sustainable energy/environmental management. He touched on who touches and impact energy and that a systematic, process driven approach must be put in place using energy management best practices.

Ms. Huculak addressed decentralized energy and the motivation for change including energy demand, rising costs, energy security, environmental impact, operational efficiency, aging infrastructure and economic growth and job creation.

Mr. Row expressed his thoughts regarding sustainable energy solutions through research, education, consulting, advocacy and the Alberta ecological footprint.


Energy and Governance

Dr. Roger Gibbins
President and CEO of Canada West Foundation 

Mr. Gibbins spoke to the building of an energy model and the work being done at the President’s Summit on Energy.


Closing Speaker

Don Lowry
President and CEO of EPCOR

Mr. Lowry’s closing remarks were in regard to municipalities responding to the many challenges and opportunities of the energy sector.



Turner Valley played a significant role at the subject conference given our oil and gas history related to energy and our recent developments around TVOGG (Turner Valley Oil and Gas Group), and the associated benefits for communities that have a hydrocarbon footprint to create and participate in such committees. Also, the significance of having a historic oil and gas plant located within a community owned by the government and the role and responsibility of the community to influence government policy and action related to that plant from an environmental and economic basis.

The Turner Valley representation allowed for our concerns and learning’s to be shared equally across a number of working groups and therefore, included as an action policy development for AUMA related to reclamation .

The speaker line-up provided by AUMA helped both the municipal working sessions that followed to develop recommended energy policies for AUMA to present to the Province for consideration of a Provincial/National Energy Strategy, but also informed and provided energy actions for each municipality to bring back to their respective communities. An example of this is for Turner Valley Council to ask Administration to review for next budget process where each department spends energy as a percentage of the budget and where savings and changes can be made such that we are all aware of the costs and potential savings…including looking to other municipalities for best practice.

The tour arranged for the oil sands projects provided a much better context for where the province stands on new oil environment footprint vs. carbon footprint and where the media and industry and the government need to better align the message of resource development. As municipalities we need to be aware of the economic benefits for the province and therefore, provincial funding strengths to municipalities related to this resource development, it also suggests that the federal government is better positioned to assist municipalities with grant funding sourced from this Alberta resource. The Turner Valley team came away from the conference with a stronger position that the industry can be approached for assistance where they have a presence in your community whether it is from the past, present or future.



Below is a list of informative and helpful handouts, documents and presentations that were received, please click on each one to open them.

Facts on Oil Sands

Tailings Reduction Operations Brochure

Oil Sands Developers Group Booklet

Oil Sands Developers Group Project Map

Suncor 2010 Sustainability Report

Oil Sands Process



Below is a list of informative videos produced by Suncor Energy simply click the name of the video you would like to view and you will be redirected to Suncor’s YouTube page and your video will begin playing.

A Conversation with Rick George (Suncor Energy CEO)

Oil Sands Process Overview

Tailings Reduction Operations

Reclamation of Tailings Pond 1

Oil Sands Land Reclamation at Suncor Energy

Air / Climate Change

Water Management

 For more informative videos from Suncor Energy
please visit their YouTube page.