Water System / Flood Recovery

Water System Restoration

Update: August 2014
A notice has been mailed residents of the local area to update residents on the Water System Recovery from the Quad Regional Water Partnership (QRWP).  Please read the current bulletin: QRWP Update August 2014 for further information.



The fire ban in the Towns of Turner Valley and Black Diamond has now been lifted. 

The Towns of Turner Valley and Black Diamond are reducing the current water restriction from Level III to Level II effective 12:00 a.m. August 8, 2014. 

New water sources recently brought on-line are proving to be safe and sustainable.  That means residents will be able to use water for outdoor activities – but still to a limited extent.

We continue to ask residents to use water cautiously to allow the raw reservoir to continue to fill (and to avoid returning to Level III restrictions).  The water reservoir is currently only 67% full.  The goal is to be at 100% capacity prior to the onset of winter.

 What does a Level II water restriction mean?

All outdoor water use including watering lawns, washing vehicles, sidewalks, pads, exteriors of building, filling of hot tubs/jacuzzis, recreational use of sprinklers and like water toys, is restricted to the following schedule:

ODD AND EVEN WATERING DAYS:  Using the last number of your address (odd or even) determines which days you are permitted outdoor water use:

ODD:    numbered addresses may use water for these purposes Thursdays and Sundays

EVEN:  numbered addresses may use water for these purposes Wednesday and Saturdays

WATERING:  may occur only on such permitted days during the following hours:  6:00 am – 9:00 am; and  7:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Flowerbeds and vegetable gardens may be watered by hand, during the prescribed times, using a watering can or hose with a nozzle trigger shut off to restrict water flow.

Requests for site and condition specific irrigation scheduling for commercial or industrial operations using a metered irrigation system may be approved in writing by the CAO.

Requests for water conservation exemption permit for newly seeded lawns or freshly planted sod may be applied for at the Municipal Office.

Note:  Exception permits for new sod/grass watering and commercial site specific operations, will be available at each Town Office on August 8, 2014 during regular business hours.

Click to review:  Bylaw 14-1036 Water Use and Conservation





Currently, Level III Emergency Water Restrictions are in place. This means, all outdoor water use and non-essential water use is strictly prohibited, see Schedule A of the Bylaw. This also means, if a resident or business breaches any of the provisions of the Bylaw, penalties may be applied.

We understand these restrictions are inconvenient, negatively impacting not only our residents, but our businesses. You have made a difference, with a 25% reduction in consumption since the flood. As we continue to work towards supplying a safe and sustainable water source, and until the permanent solutions are implemented including restoration of the reservoir, we continue to ask our residents and business owners to continue to restrict their water use.

Please see link below to view the complete bylaw:

Bylaw 14-1036 Water Use and Conservation – signed

Thank you for your continued cooperation.


Water System Restoration

Update: June 2014
A notice has been mailed residents of the local area to update residents on the Water System Recovery from the Quad Regional Water Partnership (QRWP).  Please read the current bulletin: June 2014 QRWP Water System Restoration Update for further information.


Environmental Appeals Board (EAB)
Flood Recovery Appeal Update: March 2014

The Town of Turner Valley, as managing partner on behalf of the Quad Regional Partnership, have contracted the professional help required for the appeals of the Environment and Sustainability Resource Development (ESRD) Notice of Decision regarding the Infiltration Gallery and Water Act.  Turner Valley has been successful in that the application for a Stay of construction for the Infiltration Gallery, noted in the Flood Recovery Update – March 2014,  has been denied by the EAB, which means construction of the infiltration gallery will continue.  Water restrictions will remain in effect until the proven success and effectiveness of the infiltration gallery, and other well work is completed and we are assured that the water supply needs of Turner Valley and Black Diamond are secured.  The appeal however, is still pending under the direction of the Environmental Appeals Board.  The additional costs associated with the appeal will be tracked and provisions for possible recovery identified.  (see Flood Recovery – March 2014 Update below for further information).


Flood and Water System Recovery

Update: March 2014

A notice has been mailed residents of the local area to update residents on the Water System Recovery from the Quad Regional Water Partnership (QRWP).  Please read the current bulletin: QRWP Water System Recovery Update – March 2014 for further information.





Notice to Black Diamond and Turner Valley Residents:
Off-Hours Hauling of RipRap

We are pleased to update residents that progress is being made with Flood Erosion Protection measures.  Residents may already have noticed that truckloads of riprap (large rocks intended for flood erosion protection construction) have been delivered to the Town, and stored on the west side of the Sheep River, near the old water treatment plant site.  Due to the recent warming, road bans have been placed on some Provincial highways and MD roads, making delivery of the product more challenging. As this riprap is required for the construction of flood protection berms in Black Diamond, arrangements have been made to continue to haul the riprap at night when temperatures are lower, thus leaving the roads in better condition for the larger loads. We will be following best practices for nighttime construction in an effort to reduce light, idling and noise at night. We appreciate your understanding while this critical work carries on.




Approval for protection of a sanitary sewage line from freezing and rupture in under the Water Act, relate to flood recovery activities. 


PUBLIC NOTICE – EPEA – Notice of Application

Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act – Notice of Application

In accordance with the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, the Town of Turner Valley has applied to Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development for amendments to the Town’s Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act approval for its waterworks system. For more information please read this Public Notice.


Flood Prevention Tips

Please read the IBC Media Release June 17, 2014 – Flood Prevention Tips for tips on how you can prevent damage and loss from flooding this season.  The information was provided by the Insurance Bureau of Canada as a Media Release.



Financial Assistance – Government of Alberta

Currently disaster recovery funding applications are only available at registration centres. The closest registration centres are in Bragg Creek, Calgary, and High River. Please call 1-888-671-1111 to confirm hours and locations.


Small Business Owners

Agricultural Operations

Flood Recovery Programs for Business and Not for Profit Organizations - Alberta Flood Recovery Loan Guarantee Program and the Alberta Flood Recovery Interest Rebate Program for Alberta. Follow the link above for more information or visit www.afsc.ca.

Resources for Businesses Affected by the 2013 Alberta Flood - The Business Link provides some valuable initial information, and links, for small businesses impacted by the 2013 flood.


2013 Southern Alberta Disaster Recovery Program

Frequently Asked Questions


Hand Up Plan – Small Business Recovery Programs

 Hand Up Plan

Checklist for approaching financial institutions under the Hand-Up Plan.


Insurance Information
For information and advice on the claims process contact the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s consumer information centre at 1-800-377-6378.

Filing an Insurance Claim

Employment Insurance (EI) Service Canada is making every effort to ensure streamlined processing of Employment Insurance (EI) claims for all workers affected by the flooding. To apply for EI benefits, you must submit an application for EI online or in person at your Service Canada Centre with the Alberta reference code: 4812-01-2013-300913 (effective June 21, 2013 – September 30, 2013).


Taking care of your Health following a flood

Health Services
In case of emergency please call 911
Oilfields Regional Hospital and Laboratory are open. The Foothills Family Medical Centre in Black Diamond is open. For more information call 403 933 4368.

Mental Health Services
Urgent Mental Health Services are available at any Emergency Department and by phone at 403-266-4357. For more information on rural mental health services and to make appointments please call 1-877-652-4700.

Food Banks
Oilfields Food Bank is located in the United Church in the Valley. For more information please call 403 933 4114. Food banks are also available in High River and Okotoks.



Alberta Government:  Protecting Albertans From Future Floods



Roads and Bridges

 For more information call 511.


Flood Recovery Update: January 29, 2014

Please note that as of January 29, 2014 the State of Local Emergency has been terminated for the Town of Turner Valley.  Water restrictions remain in place, and will until such time as we are certain that there is adequate water to meet the demands of both the Town of Turner Valley and the Town of Black Diamond.  Your efforts to reduce consumption have been instrumental in the success to date, and we ask our residents to please continue with all water restriction procedures currently in place.  Thank you for your continued efforts in conserving water, and for respecting the water restriction and fire ban.


Flood Recovery Update: December 2013