Dr. Lander Memorial Swimming Pool – OPEN FOR THE SEASON!

Dr. Lander Memorial Swimming Pool

207 Main Street NE Turner Valley

Phone: 403.933.7483 (seasonal)

Open late May – Early September (Weather permitting) 


Hours of Operation:

The Dr. Lander Memorial Swimming Pool will be closing for the season on Wednesday, September 17.  For the final week this season, the pool will be open from 7am – 9am for Aquafit and Lane Swim.  Looking forward to seeing you in 2015!


 For a breakdown of our Lesson Program, rental information and more please check out our 2014 Pool Brochure.


Pool Passes and Admission

 Sign up for a summer of fun with a Season Pass available for families, adults, children and seniors. Did you know purchasing a season pass can save you up to 80% over the daily rate?

Please note that ALL children ages 6 and under MUST be accompanied by and WITHIN ARMS REACH of a responsible guardian 12 years or older.

Season Monthly 10 Day Day
Family* $225 $100 - $15
Adult $150 $75 $45 $5
Senior $125 $60 $30 $3.50
Child/Youth $125 $60 $30 $3.50
Preschooler (2 – 6) $100 $40 $17 $2
Tots (under 2) FREE FREE FREE FREE

 *Family includes two adults and up to four children from the same household.

Note: No refunds will be given once a pass is paid for and issued (unless there is a medical issue and a doctor’s note has been received – the refund will be pro-rated).

No refunds of any kind will be issued for weather or contamination related closures.

An administration fee of ten dollars ($10.00) will be charged on all refunds. 

Aqua Fitness

 AquaFit or Aqua Fitness, also known as water aerobics or “waterobics” is a series of aerobic exercises preformed in water. Benefits include low impact to joints, being a fun and alternative form of exercise and a great source of vitamin D (from being in the sun). The Dr. Lander Memorial Swimming Pool offers 3 different kinds of Aqua Fitness classes!

Mornings: Monday – Friday  7 a.m. – 8 a.m.�

$5.00 per class
$45.00 for a 10 class punch card

Choose between three great classes or try them all!

Deep Water Workout
Get all the cardio and conditioning of a regular fitness class with no impact! Wearing a buoyancy belt in deep water, you will do a variety of exercises that are designed to improve muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. Water specific equipment may be used and will be provided.

Gentle Water Workout
This class is geared to individuals who are just starting water exercise; those who are recovering from knee or hip replacements, people with arthritis or condition that limit their range of movement. The focus will be on improving muscular strength, joint flexibility, range of motion, and light cardiovascular conditioning.

A class geared to allow a runner to substitute a “water run” with no impact for land-based running. The runner wears a buoyancy belt which is tethered to a lane rope. The workout enables the runner to improve running form, running economy, lactate threshold and oxygen delivery to the heart and muscles. All levels can be accommodated in this class.

Swimming Lessons

A variety of swimming lessons to suit all ages and abilities are offered throughout the summer in four different sessions.


Preschool 1 (3 – 5 years)
These preschoolers learn to enter and exit shallow water safely and to put their face in the water blowing bubbles. They will learn to move safely in shallow water and to wear a PFD (personal floatation device) to be comfortable with floats and back glides.

Preschool 2 (3 -5 years)
These youngsters will jump into chest deep water and learn to submerge and exhale underwater. They will be introduced to lateral rollovers and will practice front and back glides as well as flutter kick wearing a PFD.

Preschooler 3 (3 – 5 years)
These youngsters will perform a side roll entry into deep water wearing a PFD. They will recover objects from the bottom of waist deep water. They will master independent front and back floats, lateral rollovers, front and back glides and flutter kicks of varying distances.

Preschooler 4 (3 – 5 years)
These independent preschoolers will master short swims of front crawl and will be introduced to side glides and flutter kick preformed on their side. New challenges such as opening the eyes underwater, pendulum rollovers onto the back and treading of water using the sculling arm action are presented at this level.

Preschooler 5 (3 – 5 years)
These skilled preschoolers will demonstrate that they can support themselves in deep water for 10 – 15 seconds using the sculling arm action and any kick. Wearing a PFD, they will practice a forward roll entry into deep water. Preschool 5 graduates will be prepared to enter Swimmer 2.

Swimmer 1 (6 years and up)
This level is the foundation for swimming skill development. It includes safe entries into various depths of water, treading water with sculling arm action, breath control, opening eyes underwater, front and back floats, lateral rollovers, front, back and side glides, and flutter kick on front and back.

Swimmer 2 (6 years and up)
Side roll entries into deep water wearing a PFD as well as interval training will be introduced at this level. Other swimming skills include flutter kick on their side, whip kick in vertical position and 10 – 15 metre swims of both front and back crawl.

Swimmer 3 (6 years and up)
These swimmers will perform kneeling dives and forward rolls into deep water. Handstands and front somersaults in the water will help teach them body orientation skills.

Swimmer 4 (6 years and up)
Standing dives into deep water and underwater swims of 5 metres will be introduced. New swimming skills include whip kick on front and breaststroke arm drills. Greater swimming distances of 25 – 50 metres are set for both front and back crawl. The 25 metre front crawl will further challenge the swimmer’s fitness.

Swimmer 5 (6 years and up)
Shallow dives and tuck jumps (cannonballs) are the entries into the water practised at this level. These swimmers will master back somersaults in the water, stationary eggbeater kick, head up front crawl and breaststroke.

Swimmer 6 (6 years and up)
Stride entries and compact jumps into deep water are introduced. Swimmers are treading water using legs only using a lifesaving kick such as scissor kick. They will easily accomplish a 300 metre workout with their effective strokes for front crawl, back crawl and/or breaststroke.

Rookie Patrol (8 years and up)
Rookie Patrol features somersaults in the water, surface dives, throwing assists, timed 100 metre swims, 350 metre workouts and swims with clothes. The swimmer will develop swimming strength and efficiency with emphasis on personal responsibility.

Ranger Patrol (8 years and up)
Ranger Patrol features underwater swims, search skills, timed 200 metre swims, 100 metre fitness medley, 20 metre rescue and support/carry a 5 lb weight. Skill drills enhance capability in the water including a non-contact rescue.

Star Patrol (8 years and up)
Star Patrol features underwater search drill, kicking and object support drills, timed 300 metre swims, 600 metre workouts, lifeguard whistle signals, as well as breathing and bleeding first aid priorities.

Bronze Star (12 years and up)
Ability is the only prerequisite to Bronze Star. If you’re a good swimmer Bronze Star provides challenging training for both your body and your mind. Become a stronger swimmer. Develop problem-solving and decision-making skills. Learn CPR and the skills needed to be your own personal lifeguard.

Specialty Aquatic Programs
Specialty Aquatic Programs such as Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross and National Lifeguard will be available if there is adequate interest shown (at least 4 people would like to sign up) and will be announced on site.

Private Lessons
Private swimming lessons are available and can accommodate all swimming abilities. The cost is $30.00 per half hour and the time is negotiable during Monday – Friday for the hours of 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. for more information or to register please contact the Pool.

Pool Rentals

Looking to make a big splash at your next birthday party? Consider renting the Dr. Lander Memorial Swimming Pool! We welcome all kinds of groups such as parties, schools, daycares, and large groups. Please call for availability.

$100 per hour (up to 40 people)
$120 per hour (over 40 people)

Dr. Lander Memorial Pool
Rules and Regulations

These rules and regulations applies to ALL swimming activities (including private rentals and lessons)

1. Each Bather must take a cleansing shower prior to entering the pool.

2. Absolutely NO street shoes allowed past the entrance into the change rooms.

3. No bather may be intoxicated while using the facility.

4. The temperature range of the water is 82-84 F.

5. The maximum bather load is 210 people; this is based on pool size.

6. No pets are allowed on the premises except where appropriately licensed (such as Seeing Eye Dogs).

7. No glass of any kind is allowed on deck.

8. All children ages 6 and under must be accompanied within a rms reach by a responsible person that is 12 years of age or older.

9. You are required to notify the staff of any medical conditions that may affect bather’s safety.

10. Anyone not toilet trained must wear protective water resistant swimwear such as “Little Swimmers”

11. No diving in shallow end of the pool.

12. During swimming lessons all parents not participating in the class are required to watch from the bleachers.

13. Stay out of the pool area if you have any contagious or infectious disease.

14. Any person with diarrhea or a history of diarrhea over the previous two weeks must refrain from using the facility.

Emergency and Evacuation Procedures

1. Pool staff will blow the whistle three times and advise all swimmers.

2. Exit the pool area through the change rooms or where pool staff is directing.

3. Depending on the nature of the evacuation you may be asked to leave without collecting your belongings.

4. Remain calm.




Please note that while every attempt is made to ensure information is accurate, the contents (including prices) of this page are subject to change without notice.


Pool 50th Anniversary

Dr. Lander Memorial Swimming Pool is Celebrating it’s 50th Birthday in 2014!

We enjoyed a fabulous celebration to mark this milestone on Friday, August 8, 2014.

Thank you to our sponsors:

 Iron Horse Earthworks Inc.

Almor Testing Services Ltd.

MPE Engineering Ltd

Friends of the Pool Society

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