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It all started in Turner Valley – the birthplace of Alberta’s Oil and Gas Industry. On May 14, 1914 the Dingman Discovery Well blew forever changing Alberta’s economic future. For 30 years, the Turner Valley Oilfields was a major supplier of oil and gas and the largest producer in the British Empire. This unique past has presented Turner Valley with a dynamic relationship with oil and gas to this day.   

Public Notice, Flood Recovery 2013

Legacy Oil & Gas Inc.

Water Act, Notice of Decision

Public Notice, Legacy Oil & Gas Inc. Water Act

Please note:  Any questions regarding local oil and gas activity should be directed to Legacy Oil & Gas Inc. @ 4400, Eighth Avenue Place, 525 – 8 Avenue SW, Calgary  AB  T2P 1G1  Phone:  403.441.2300  or Fax:  403.441.2017  Email:  info@legacyoilandgas.com  Turner Valley,  AB Field Office:  403.558.3757